About Me

Ive been enamoured with the science and creativity behind photography for a number of years, and after photographing a variety of genres Ive finally found my niche within the field of wildlife photography. Having grown up in the outdoors meant that I spent plenty of time surrounded by nature. It wasn’t long before the allure of capturing rare and unseen moments on camera became my driving force. To document my journey in Africa with the lens is a privilege. 


What do I look for when photographing my choice of subject? I look for something that tells a story. There is a deep desire within me to depict the relationships in nature that are similar to humans. Its important to try create a still that hasnt been produced before – but that is also my biggest challenge. Looking further than what meets the eye will open your mind and inject your photos with creativity. This comes with time, practice and passion. 


Photography is how you see things and interpret them. When it comes to elephants, I dont just see a tusk. I see a tumultuous lifetime etched into every groove. I see a tool vital to its existence. I see its power and practicality. And I feel compelled to reflect that emotion and life story in a single image without detracting from the subjects true character. 


What speaks to your heart, capture that. Mine is Southern Africas untamed backyard. Haunting, eccentric and dramatic – southern Africa is raw and unpredictable. There are zero pretences in the wild, and daily Im reminded of both the calm and turbulence of the wild, and also just how in harmony we are with our mysterious surrounds.



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